Los Amigos Tulum

We are a Real Estate Developer commited to Sustainability and innovation

We provide amazing investment opportunities and incredible hospitality experiences to our customers while being as respectful as possible with our planet. We are pioneering the most advanced sustainable building technologies in Tulum with great passion. Luxury    |    Sustainability    |    Innovation

Our mission is to make a Positive impact for a more sustainable world

All our developments are conceptualized, projected, designed and built in-house.

We are a commited and passionate team in every detail of our work; a dedicated group of professionals working together to provide our clients with exceptional value.

Each team member offers a unique set of skills, influencing innovative, thoughtful design and services, from planning and commercialization to operation.

Flagship Projects

We seek to be an example for others to follow

Our Story
We develop high-tech luxurious & sustainable residential complexes.

Starting in 2012 as developers, constructors and operators of all our projects, we currently have more than 11 portfolio developments becoming the largest real estate developer in Tulum. For each project we take on we are faced with a unique opportunity to create a building that best suits the location.

Our Company
Los Amigos Tulum is an open and friendly company where creativity, honesty, diversity, hard work and sense of humor are core values!

With more than 500 professionals in our ranks, every year we deepen our workforce. Together we’re conserving more energy and water, and eliminating waste through hands-on, collaborative programs. We openly share what we learn to accelerate our collective positive impact on the planet.

Job Opportunities
The ripple effect that drives change
We take responsibility for our environment and the community we love

We care deeply about the people who work at our ranks, build our developments, and the planet we all share. So we work hard to enforce actions that protect and improves our environment. Our commitment to people and the planet doesn’t end at our supply chain. We seek to be an example for others to follow, openly sharing our progress to accelerate industrywide change. And we’re proud of the recognition.

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