101 Park

101 Park, designed to flow and connectivity, inspired by the energy within, a project created to incite residents to live their best lives.

Designed to emulate the seven energy cores inside the human vessel, the interior green space is comprised entirely by pristine, untouched jungle and will feature 'Chakra' themed spaces designed for play, enjoy, gather with friends or reflect introspectively and practice meditation.

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Architecture & Design

Be part of a private community encompassing all of the conveniences and necessities found in your city with the privacy of being nestled away along the shores of the Mayan jungle.

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A leap to the Next

A concept incarnated for those envisioning ownership of a magnificent eco-sustainable vacation property.

Highest Quality

Elevating luxury standards with conscious design, development, and delivery.

Tulum Mindset

Karmic construction philosophy, all actions have an equal and opposite reaction.


Live in a space with technological integration and the serenity of nature's energy.

A new community

The comfort of a gated community in the middle of the jungle with all necessities of modern life.

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One Bedroom Swim Up One Bedroom Swim UpFrom: 76.68m² / 825.37ft²
From: $6,450,325 MXN
One  Bedroom Garden Pool One Bedroom Garden PoolFrom: 116.56m² / 1254.64ft²
From: $6,833,880 MXN
Two Bedroom Flat Jungle View Two Bedroom Flat Jungle ViewFrom: 130.58m² / 1405.55ft²
From: $8,368,510 MXN
Two Bedroom Swim Up Two Bedroom Swim UpFrom: 153.32m² / 1650.32ft²
From: $9,030,865 MXN
Two Bedroom Garden Pool Two Bedroom Garden PoolFrom: 188.87m² / 2032.97ft²
From: $10,267,425 MXN
One Bedroom Park View One Bedroom Park ViewFrom: 61.95m² / 666.82ft²
From: $5,730,980 MXN
One Bedroom Jungle View One Bedroom Jungle ViewFrom: 65.61m² / 706.22ft²
From: $5,491,335 MXN
One Bedroom High Garden One Bedroom High GardenFrom: 114.95m² / 1237.31ft²
From: $6,929,820 MXN
One Bedroom Jungle High Garden
One Bedroom Jungle High GardenFrom: 94.98m² / 1022.36ft²
From: $6,833,880 MXN
Two Bedroom Park View Two Bedroom Park ViewFrom: 123.88m² / 1333.43ft²
From: $8,589,500 MXN
Two Bedroom Jungle View Two Bedroom Jungle ViewFrom: 131.24m² / 1412.65ft²
From: $8,479,005 MXN
Two Bedroom Flat Park View Two Bedroom Flat Park ViewFrom: 124.56m² / 1340.75ft²
From: $8,589,500 MXN

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Amenities and the Chakra purpose

It is said that chakras, also known as the consciousness centers, allow for the spirit energy to flow through the body. Just as a babbling brook begins to bunch with branches resulting in the slowing of its flow of water, humans work against themselves and the laws of love, creating blocks within chakras slowing down the flow of cosmic energy.

By setting intentions and focusing our energies with purpose, we can increase our energy flow and in turn, increase our positivity towards our health, spirit, and people around us.The interior yard is inspired by the seven chakras to help maintain a steady flow within ourselves and to encourage positive habits.

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Experience Real Estate investment in a new dimension

To live in Tulum with short walking access to the beach is the unicorn of properties. Now imagine walking to the beach through your gated community, passing by a lane of sustainable stores, a playground, a state of the art museum, nice local restaurants, coffee shops, gardens and even a places for professionals to work. More than a place to visit, this is a dream home manifested for those looking for it. Sign-in and one of our investment advisors will get in touch with you soon.

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Property management

Rental Program by Los Amigos

In addition to its innovative and sustainable approach, our exclusive Rental program guaranties higher return on investments, improved customer experience and better ranking reviews.

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Next-gen transport, home automation, clean energy and water treatment systems.

Residential Technology at its best

Our high-end projects are the last word in design and technology for the discerning buyer. Make a great investment and own a piece of the future to share with loved ones and your future generations.

101 Park Tulum

Building on less than 40% of the land


Keeping over 60% of its land undisturbed, resulting in a picturesque, mature, and lush surrounding jungle. Trees will remain a minimum of 3 meters along the perimeter to ensure all balconies enjoy the green scenery for life.