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Introducing the transport of the future

Proudly announcing our strategic partnership with EHang, the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) technology platform company to build out an urban air mobility (UAM) project in Tulum, Mexico.

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Bringing hospitality to a new level

We are very proud to announce the alliance between Los Amigos Rentals and Los Amigos Tulum to provide a unique and highest level experience to guests in Central Park Lagunas.

In addition to providing a unique touch in the design that sets its spaces, it also creates programs and activities that sustain a connection with the local culture. Our main interest is to offer travelers an authentic experience based on well-being, entertainment, technology, art, gastronomy and, of course, comfort; values that shares with Los Amigos Tulum.

Los Amigos Tulum Luxury Design
los amigos tulum

We are a Real Estate developer committed to our customers’ successful investment stories.

With a portfolio of 11 stunning developments and counting, our residential projects are engineered for people who experience the wonderful life they desire while being mindful of their impact on the world .

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101 park Tulum by Los Amigos Tulum

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Los Amigos was born in 2012 with the idea of being sustainable minded builders through the use of leading-edge technologies, providing modern comforts and amazing design to our visitors.

The Panoramic Tulum by Los Amigos Tulum
Panoramic Tulum

Panoramic 360 ExperienceSunset at the pool

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Owners have the satisfaction of knowing that they are also leading the way in a green direction by choosing sustainable design.

Best Residential Development México

The Panoramic 360° is the winner of the Best Residential Development México award at the International Property Awards 2021-2022

Best Sustainable Residential Development México

Central Park Lagunas is the winner of the Best Sustainable Residential Development México award at the International Property Awards 2021-2022

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los amigos real estate

Real Estate investments in a fresh perspective.

Experience owning a property in paradise while generating real income when you are somewhere else. Our best-in-class investment program is envisioned for higher capital gains, smarter returns, improved customer experience and five-star ranking reviews.

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ehang 216 los amigos tulum

los amigos tulum sustainable real estate

Our development process explore various ways to use sustainable energies and technologies to demonstrate what can be realistically accomplished today and in the near future in Tulum. From residential water cleaning systems to smart solar panels and wind turbines, electric-autonomous vehicles and more.

Tesla desination charging Tulum Los Amigos Tulum

Tesla Destination Charger
Central Park Tulum

Watch how we integrate technologies in our developments

Our mission is to be the most conscious-minded tropical destination property developer; making sustainability and positive environmental impacts the primary goals of all our construction projects. Building communities to unite like-minded people through ownerships and rental properties.

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We are always striving for new and innovative ideas to develop and implement the latest sustainable technologies with the highest quality, making great long-term investments, happier guests that spread the word, and aiming for smaller carbon footprint.


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Beautiful energy-efficient designs. We choose methods and building materials that have the least impact on the local ecosystems.


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Water cleaning, state-of-the-art home automation, smart renewable energy and a next-generation transportation are just the tip of the iceberg of our projects..


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Soil conservation

Our projects merge with the ecosystem by conserving over 60% of land undisturbed, resulting in a picturesque, mature, and lush surrounding jungle to your new home.

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