los amigos tulum sustainable mexico real estate

We want to shape the hospitality experience of the future by designing a fully auto-sustainable building on the moon

We are prototyping the ultimate luxury hotel by creating an integral living system based on isolated modules equipped with all basic needs and comforts on the lunar soil.

Artificial magnetic fields have been proposed as a means to provide radiation shielding for long range deep space crewed missions, and we are to use similar technology on a lunar base.

We believe faithfully that we can build a better future through the use of sustainable technology

Nico Wilmes - CEO of Los Amigos Tulum

los amigos tulum sustainable mexico real estate

0.17x the gravity of Earth

A new life perspective. We are focusing on the innovation around the architecture to make it modular, simple and fully automated.

The prototype is envisioned to meet anticipated demand from space tourists, national governments, researchers and private industry.

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On the way to fully self-sustainable technology

Modules will be the size of a large trailer containers and feature pressurize cabins, water treatment systems and will be powered by massive solar energy farms.

As the demand grows, Moon will launch additional modules to link up with the original core outpost.

los amigos tulum sustainable mexico real estate

Building innovation since 2012

Sustainability is more than green energy and construction materials. It is also the responsibility to be a positive influence in the community and to share kindness with everyone around.