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Our projects are specifically designed for people who have a desire to live a wonderful life while being aware of their impact on the environment and the future of the planet.

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Welcome to Tulum
The hidden gem of the Caribbean

Discover the ultimate tropical destination envisioned for a relaxed lifestyle, connection and spiritual healing. Tulum is in the ideal position for a real estate investment right now.

New destination

Travellers are looking for a more authentic experience than the mega resorts of Cancun and the laid-back beach and jungle lifestyle of Tulum is perfect for the modern traveller.

The smart choice

Tulum is a buyer's market today. Imagine investing in Cancun in the 1980s or Playa del Carmen in the 2000s; this is Tulum today with a revolutionized sustainable vision.

Future proof

Vacation Rentals have been up 76% in the state of Quintana Roo since 2016. Making Tulum the top eco-conscious destination in the Mayan Riviera.

Why Tulum

A small caribbean town known as quiet, exotic, cosmopolitan, sustainable city, inhabited by a great international community... Amazing weather and wonderful beaches.

Anyone can afford a comfortable standard of living with a limited foreign retirement income.

No.1 Luxury destination

Tulum is the number one luxury destination (Wellness/relaxation/eco-conscious-lifestyle) in Mexico and in many latin-american countries.

Ease of access

It's very easy to take direct flights from all major cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries to the Cancun International Airport.

Just authentic

Pristine nature, beautiful people, unique settings for diving, award-winning beaches, PGA golf courses, all kinds of amazing entertainment experiences and endless choices for local and international cuisine.

  • White sand shoreline

  • Oustanding beach restaurants

    tulum beach restaurant
  • Nighlife + Nature

  • Wonderful artistry

    art in tulum
  • Unique nature

  • Amazing Local entertainment

    local dining tulum
  • Healthy vegan restaurants and shops

    vegan restaurant tulum
  • Delightful coffee shops

    cafe tulum
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Hands-free investment

We will show you how to make a passive investment that leads to your financial freedom. Our team of dedicated professionals at Los Amigos will help you every step of the way.

Los Amigos Tulum have become the most advanced and sustainable property developer in Tulum, in only 8 years of operation has built 11 projects and made more than 350 satisfied investors.

Our track Record

Have the comfort of owning a home in paradise and the piece of mind knowing that your ownership will be maintained as if you were always there.

As an investment property, it is about the numbers. So far the owners using our rental program have achieved¹

Investment plans
Adapted to you

Immediately move into a luxurious minimalist apartment in the middle of the jungle or invest in pre-sales to design it to your liking.

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Starting at: $350k

  • Immediate delivery
  • Furnished or empty
  • Los Amigos Gym Membership
  • Property management if desired


Let's create the dream

Starting at: $250k

  • 30% downpayment
  • Flexible investmet plans
  • Greater capital gains
  • Ask for a financing plan


Our high-end projects are the last word in design for the discerning buyer in the region. We design and construct all our projects in-house to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

+350 Happy investors

  • panoramic tulum The Panoramic. 360 investor

    We loved it from the very beginning. It was immediate trust.

  • the panoramic tulum The Panoramic 360 Investor

    The details are extraordinary. Just what I've expected.

  • central park tulum los amigos Central Park Tulum Investor

    Amazing Investment. I was a little bit nervous but everything has been great.