Los Amigos Tulum

Mindful living

Our experiences are designed to delight an environmentally conscious community using sustainable technologies and amenities.

It's all about the experience

We create spaces for people to live in the present moment with gratitude, an open mind, and curiosity to evolving technologies while practicing kindness and humility.

Los Amigos Beach

Los Amigos Beach is located on the pristine shoreline, edging the undeveloped Sian Ka'an Bioreserve. Your chance to walk the shores of virgin beaches. Exclusive to owners and renters.

Los Amigos Gym

Reach your physical health goals in this state of the art complex with modern equipment, a rock-climbing wall, and various exercise classes.

Leaf Spa

Tulum's most comprehensive and prominent spa. Los Amigos residents enjoy the ease of having access to the best luxury spa for relaxation, facials, treatments, and muscle tension relief.
Memberships available.

Comforts of Tomorrow

We are always evolving, searching for new ways to connect, share and experience more.

Underground Spa

Coming soon

Tulum: destination of the futue

Charge your electric vehicle with us

Home Away from home.

Renting, cleaning, mildew, maintenance, and all the other burdens of leaving the property for months at a time, are no longer a concern with our professional strategies in place.