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Tulum’s unique location is said to be sacred by Mayan culture, as it is surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders.

It has the largest underground water river system in the world (cenotes), amazing wildlife and some of the world’s best white sandy beaches. It is also minutes away from famous natural adventure parks. In addition to arriving to Tulum via Cancun’s International Airport, The Tren Maya (fast track train) is set to begin its development later this year, making Tulum a faster more accessible destination!

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Just a few years ago the destination of Tulum was hardly ever spoken about, nonetheless it has always been one of the most magical destinations to visit and experience.

Today, Tulum is emerging as one of the hottest and most popular destinations to travel, work-online and invest. Thanks to the recent attention that Tulum is receiving from media outlets, such as Forbes Magazine, The New York Times or TripAdvisor, as well as becoming a hotspot for celebrities and influencers, the time to invest in Tulum is definitely NOW!

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ROI and Equity
Over 30 Million tourists arrive to Mexico each year, more than 50% of those are coming to the Riviera Maya!

Projections show a steady growth of over 4% annually. Thanks to attention and demand that Tulum received in the last couple years, Holiday weeks have shown to rent out 100% of the time, in some cases the demand has surpassed inventory. January through April have maintained an 80% plus occupancy and the rest of the year Tulum has maintained a 68% occupancy, giving dedicated condo renters annual NET returns of over 8%.

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In 2019, Tulum was voted as the most eco destination in the world! It’s unique visitor profile is drawn to the destination due to its eco-conscious yet sophisticated touch.

Tulum’s offers wellness activities, super food restaurants and an amazing culinary experience. With top rated restaurants such as The New York Times’ acclaimed Hartwood and Noma who was voted as the #1 restaurant in the world 4 years consecutively according to Restaurant Magazine, Tulum is becoming an eco-luxury destination for those looking for a authentic experience.

Innovative and sustainable living.
The new model of construction in Tulum is set by innovative and sustainable developments with plenty of green areas, resulting in a very spectacular and natural jungle feel environment.

We raise the standard when it comes to Innovation, Architecture and Sustainability. We operate the largest private water treatment plant in the region. We installed the first ever Smart Flower system and transparent solar panel grid in Tulum and the first revolutionary vertical wind turbines that eliminate the need of large blades, gear boxes and generators. Los Amigos can be quite the experience. Invest Responsibly!

Nico Wilmes CEO & co-founder
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We build the most sustainable developments in the region

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The highest level of design and imagination.

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The latest in sustainable development.

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Award-winning design

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our developments are conceptualized, projected, designed and built in-house
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Los Amigos Tulum is a Real Estate Company that operates under its own business model that has been successful for our clients and investors.

We are pioneering green building technology in Tulum with great passion. We brought the first zero-emission electric cars in the state, the first smart flower system in the peninsula, and the largest private wastewater treatment plant.

We run the largest and most advanced Solar Power Systems which are super producers of green energy in Tulum. Our goal is to provide the most amazing and environmentally friendly developments in the market.

We are bringing to Mexico the world’s state of the art technology in sustainable architecture while developing attractive investment plans to develop the real estate experience of your life.

Investment Highlights

Los Amigos Tulum has excellent customer validation. Partnerships in place with Private Equity Funds and Institutional Investors.

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  • Pioneers in the use of renewable energy
  • Focused on Innovation, Architecture and Sustainability
  • Proven High ROI client satisfaction and track record
  • Largest and most trusted developer in Tulum
  • Leaders in disruptive purpose driven marketing
  • National and International Investment consulting team
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Owner's Exclusive Benefits

Los Amigos Owner's Exclusive Benefits™ is a benefits program only for Los Amigos units owners. Keeping true to our lifestyle, Los Amigos Tulum grants exclusive access and discounts for our amenities to deliver the luxurious experience that our clients expect to have when visiting us.

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We are the only developer in Tulum with a clear sustainable approach and friendly to the environment and our community

We operate in accordance to our philosophy, our business is highly appreciated by our clients and circle of influence (suppliers, collaborators, employees, advisors, etc.).

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